Spurs/Timberwolves Game In Mexico City Canceled Due To Fire And Smoke

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image from: washingtonpost.com

image from: washingtonpost.com

In what was supposed to be a celebration of the globalization of the NBA and its increased efforts to reach out to fans across all corners of the world, disaster struck on Wednesday when a busted generator  inside the arena where the Timberwolves and Spurs were to face off in Mexico City caused smoke to seep into the arena, making it unsafe for players and fans to be present.

The NBA released the following statement:

 “The National Basketball Association game scheduled for tonight between the San Antonio Spurs and the Minnesota Timberwolves has been postponed due to a generator malfunction which produced smoke inside Mexico City Arena.

The date for the rescheduled game, which will be played at Target Center in Minneapolis, will be announced at a later time.”

The only good news out of this might be for the Timberwolves and their fans, who were robbed of one home game in Minneapolis to allow this game to happen. Now they’re getting that game back. As for the Spurs, they’ll have to take a random flight out to Minneapolis from likely an odd location (usually the NBA aligns road trips to have some geographic continuity), which won’t be much fun, so they definitely lose out as a result. But of course, the biggest loser in all this are the fans of the NBA in Mexico. If you paid for a ticket to that game with the hopes of seeing some live NBA basketball, you have to be really disappointed. The NBA should try to make it up to these fans some how by either being willing to fly them out to the re-scheduled Timberwolves/Spurs game or being willing to fly them out to see a game of their choice with of course all their flights, expenses, and hotel arrangements taken care of. If a fan doesn’t want that, then the NBA should send these fans memorabilia from one of their favorite teams and/or players. Hopefully the next NBA game played outside the country won’t have this same kind of disastrous ending.

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