Steph Curry Would be Shocked if Mark Jackson is Fired

  • Mark Evans

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding the job security of Mark Jackson as head coach of the Golden State Warriors. After the team was eliminated by the Los Angeles Clippers, we’re all waiting to see how the situation will unfold.

One thing is for sure; Jackson’s players seem to love him. They were severely undermanned against the Clippers with Andrew Bogut injured, as we ended up seeing Draymond Green playing center in important situations. They certainly gave the Clippers all they can handle, and it was a fun series to watch.

It looks like Jackson has the team’s best player, Steph Curry, in his corner.

It’s nice to see Curry supporting his coach, but with all of the chatter, it just wouldn’t be surprising to see Jackson fired. It may or may not be fair, but it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

If Jackson is fired and still has the desire to coach, I certainly wouldn’t expect him to go very long without a job.


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One Response to Steph Curry Would be Shocked if Mark Jackson is Fired

  • I believe Jackson should be fired. His use of the players is terrible. Every time Warriers got the least ahead he would send in the scrubs and then the starters had to try and catch up again. The starters are making good money and should stay in there and work. However, when the team is 20 to 30 points ahead okay put in guys from the bench….otherwise no. Why did he give Bogut so few minutes? Why did the assistants leave? We’ve never heard. What part did Jackson play in that?

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