Stephen Jackson is back in the NBA

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Stephen Jackson is getting another shot in the NBA

The Los Angeles Clippers are in a “pinch” as coach Doc Rivers has referred to the Clippers situation. With the lack of bodies currently able to play, the Clippers decided to take a chance on 13-year veteran forward, Stephen Jackson. At 35 years old, the Clips are hoping Jackson, who’s averaged 15.3 points per game for his career, can contribute some minutes to their rotation while many of their key players are out with injuries. Jackson is expected to sign with the Clippers Tuesday, pending a physical.

Via LA Times:

After saying earlier Monday the Clippers weren’t going to sign “anybody today or probably even” Tuesday, Coach Doc Rivers said later the team was “close” to a deal with free-agent swingman Stephen Jackson.

“We need him in a pinch and we need him like now,” Rivers said. “And that’s a guy that you can bring in and hopefully he can give you something right away with Reggie [Bullock] being out for at least this trip and maybe longer.”

“He’s a guy that can make shots, can defend and give us some toughness,” Rivers said. “So I thought he was a good fit. After doing all our research and talking to a lot of people, I thought we’d take the jump.”

There is a chance this could blow up in the Clippers face as Jackson hasn’t exactly resembled a great team player over the duration of his career. Jackson has always been a talent, but unfortunately has always brought along baggage wherever he has played. It’s never a good sign when coach Gregg Popovich releases you right before the postseason as he did last April. Maybe Doc Rivers can work his magic and get some quality minutes out of Jackson while the rest of the injured Clippers are recovering.

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