Sterling’s Legal Firms Have ‘Dirt’ On NBA Officials

  • Mark Evans
Sterling's legal firms are making some serious dough. credit: US Presswire

credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

After being banned from the NBA and watching his franchise be snatched out of his hands, Donald Sterling is doing just about whatever he can to keep his name in the headlines. At this point, he seems like a bitter old man with nothing better to do than shame the NBA in whatever way he can.

In his latest attempt, Sterling has hired multiple legal firms to dig up dirt on NBA officials. Essentially, Sterling wants to prove that he’s not the only racist out there, and that other people deserve his punishment. Sterling’s legal firms clearly have some big dollar signs in their eyes.

Although it may not be a legitimate legal strategy, this would definitely be another black eye for the NBA if the law firms are successful. According to a report, there has already been some series dirt dug up on NBA officials. Via the LA Times:

Clippers owner Donald Sterling has hired four firms to dig up embarrassing information about NBA executives and fellow team owners, according to a person familiar with the latest escalation in Sterling’s seven-week battle to maintain control of his team.

Sterling’s confidant claims the firms already have uncovered allegations of racial discrimination by NBA officials that are as bad as comments Sterling made suggesting he did not want to see blacks at Clippers games. The Sterling ally, who declined to be named when discussing Donald’s legal strategy, said he was not ready to reveal the early findings.

Also, according to the report, Sterling’s legal firms are allowed to bill up to $50,000 each. I think the people benefitting the most from this entire fiasco is lawyers across the country.

I don’t see this as a way of getting back the Clippers, but Sterling wants to cause a stink before he leaves. In a way, he has a point; this is a league where plenty of people have done some terrible things, and maybe it’s not right that he’s the only one who gets such a severe punishment.



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