Steve Nash was promised Lakers wouldn’t trade Pau Gasol?

  • Andy Flint

According to a source, Lakers point guard, Steve Nash, was promised by LA’s brass that they wouldn’t trade their seven-foot power forward, Pau Gasol per Ric Bucher.

The prospect of pairing Nash with Gasol was probably one of the biggest factors when Nash chose the Lakers over teams like the Knicks. Pau is a player who thrives in the pick-n-roll and Nash is the type of point guard who get’s his rocks in the passing game. Of course, all of this took place before the Lakers acquired Dwight Howard, who happens to be the leagues best pound-for-pound pick-n-roll finisher, so perhaps the prospect of trading Gasol won’t really phase Nash if it is to better Mike D’Antoni’s system.

Gasol doesn’t seem to mesh with D’Antoni’s high-speed offense and speculations of whether Pau is even hurt or not right now have lit the web on fire. Gasol was benched during the 4th quarter Lakers’ loss to the Orlando Magic last Sunday and continues to look lost in this new system.

The real deal breaker in a Gasol deal could present itself if it would cause tension between Nash and the Lakers. Although, that’s not to say the Lakers wouldn’t entertain a trade despite Nash not approving. But Nash’s preference could play a role if LA is indeed looking to deal the two-time NBA champion.

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5 Responses to Steve Nash was promised Lakers wouldn’t trade Pau Gasol?

  • Actually lakers should not focus on pau alone. a lot of things should be considered as to why the lakers have been losing miserably. here’s my assessment :

    1. poor ft % esp howard
    2. lack of defense
    3. lot’s of turnovers
    4. kobe trying to do it all, lack of ball distribution
    5. the last, i will blame is the coach, why not pull out dwight because the opposing team are doing a hack a dwight? bring him back the last 2 min of the game.

  • At the beginning of the season when I learned I would not be able to watch the Lakers on TV I was upset by the uncaring Buss kids and what they have done to the fans of the team. I canceled by plans to attend the normal 4 or 5 games I attend every year thinking the owners do not care about their fans so why should I support them.

    Even before that I was upset by the trade of a minor head case, Andrew, for a major head case without him signing a contract. Howard has proven me and others correct by his play which so far reflects lazy defense, poor free throw shooting, lack of any post up game, and lack or any engagement with the team offense

    Now I am rather happy with the team decision to not show their games on local TV because I am not subjected to this horrible team.

  • dwight is no longer the bgi fish in a smaller pond. now he is a fish in an ocean. lakers wont improve until “superman” can figure out why he is scooby doo right now. just something to laugh at

  • Pau Gasol is fine. Just enjoy what the Lakers will do this season. The Lakers just needs to work hard and find team chemistry. A couple of months from now, the Lakers will be as dominant as ever…Go Lakers…

    No negativity from Me…

  • Lakers need to start Jamieson…..bring Gasol in off the bench to play low post with 2nd unit. The 2nd unit will be more effective. Get his confidence back less minutes, get his knees back. Then when he is in with Howard he will be more aggressive

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