Takeaways From the Miami Heat – Boston Celtics – Golden State Warriors Trade

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The Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat and the Golden State Warriors just recently agreed on a three-team deal. With this trade, the Golden State Warriors received guards Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks from Boston, the Heat got Toney Douglas from the Dubs and the C’s landed Joel Anthony and draft picks. Now, let’s break down the deal and what it means for each team.

First of all, the biggest winners of this deal are the Golden State Warriors. The Dubs have been searching for a backup point since they lost Jarrett Jack this summer. Now, of course, Jordan Crawford doesn’t have the quality of Jack. Or wait a minute. Maybe he does?

Crawford is for sure a terrific scorer. He might lack of other abilities, like dishing amazing assists or playing lock-down defense, but he knows how to put the ball into the basket, in a bunch of ways. Up to this point of the season, he has been playing exceptionally well with the Boston Celtics. Of course, the absence of Rajon Rondo helped him emerge. The 25-year old guard is averaging 13.7 points per contest go along with 5.7 points and 3.1 rebounds. He is also shooting 41.3 percent from the floor and 31.8 percent from three-point range. Do the Warriors need something more?

Golden State also received MarShon Brooks, who of course is the less important piece of the trade. Nonetheless, although he is not putting up big numbers this season, he could emerge as a solid and reliable piece in the Warriors’ rotation. Brooks has some attributes, like his physical abilities and his penetration skills that could be valuable to the Dubs.

The Miami Heat on the other end did well to trade Joel Anthony away. In fact, it was always a big question why the Heat landed the undersized and non-skilled center in the first place. Anthony was the starting center when the Miami Heat failed to win the NBA Championship in 2011. As of lately he only saw garbage playing time, as Chris Andersen was trusted with the backup center role.

The Heat dumped a total of $15 million in expenses with this move but they paid another price. They gave away a second-round pick and a first-round pick via the Philadelphia 76ers. However, this first-round pick will become two second-round picks, if the 76ers don’t make it to the playoffs this season or the next. This is very likely, so it now seems like Pat Riley made the right decision. The addition of Toney Douglas might not be a great one for the Heat, but he could serve as a solid third point guard option. There are chances the Heat waive Douglas.

Finally, Danny Ainge now has clearly shown that he has the intention to completely destroy the team before remaking it from its ashes. The C’s certainly will not need Joel Antony and his $3.8 million option for next season is not a team-friendly contract. Nonetheless, the Celtics clearly aim towards bringing in young talent through the draft. Plus, if the 76ers make the surprise and make it to the playoffs, maybe now that the latest news state that Nerlens Noel will soon make his NBA debut, they will land a first-round pick. For now, the C’s are not the most benefited team out of this trade, but time will tell how well they did.

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