The Lakers trade Derek Fisher, 1st rounder to Houston for Jordan Hill

  • Andy Flint

The Lakers have sent point guard, Derek Fisher and a 1st rounder (via Dallas for Lamar Odom) to the Houston Rockets for Jordan Hill.

This reported on Twitter by Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! sports.

Fisher’s future has been in speculation since the Lakers traded for Ramon Sessions for Luke Walton and a draft pick earlier today.

It’s now been decided as Fisher will head to Houston, who just dealt point guard Johnny Flynn to Portland in a three-player deal.

Fisher has truly been a crucial part to the Lakers success over the past decade and a half and will be missed by many Laker fans.


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25 Responses to The Lakers trade Derek Fisher, 1st rounder to Houston for Jordan Hill

  • First it’s Jordan Hill and a First Round Pick for Derek Fisher. It’s not great, but I guess I have to deal with it. Now it’s Derek Fisher AND a first round pick for Jordan Hill?? What a disaster! The Lakers NEED to get YOUNGER! This is nuts! Anyone else out there think this is NUTS?

    • No It isn’t It passed nuts on it’s way to idiotic. Younger is needed for sure.

      • Jordan Hill is 24. How much younger do you need to be? Good back up center in case the usual happens to Bynum. Got rid of Fish(sadly, but needed), improved size and strength of team and opened money on the books to continue to sign players. Walton, good riddens as well!

  • I will never watch another frigging laker game again. Derek Fisher was one of the reasons I liked the team.

  • I think that it really sucks, first they trade Odom and now Fisher. Whats wrong with NBA. The only reason that I am still a Lakers fan is because of Koby and Pau.

  • Good Luck Fish! You are a class act. Sorry to see you go. You should come back and coach the lakers.

  • To be on a team for 13 years and get 5 rings with that team, this has to be a slap in the face. Age has nothing to do with it. fisher has “won” games for the lakers this season alone … i dont think he should play for any other team, he should retire

    • I think it’s up to Fish whether he wants to play or retire. I think he plays. He’s too much of a competitor, and somewhat of an Ironman as well. The Rockets will make the playoffs, they’ve got some good players and he’ll give them some vet leadership. D-Fish spent two crappy years in the bay area with the GS W’s, and a season and playoff run in Utah — before he was released from his contract so he could re-sign with the Lakers. He still bleeds purple and gold, but he’s a baller with a lot of heart, who can and will help Houston.

      Lakers needed something more than Murphy & McBob off the bench. Walton and Kapono were garbage. If they tried to trade Metta he would probably have a psychotic break and could really hurt someone. 30 mins of Sessions/ 18 of Blake is a much better rotation at the point than Fisher and Blake.

      This trade will help both teams, and yeah, it sucks for D-Fish — but let the man make up his own damn mind about his career.

    • It’s sad to see Fish go but honestly it was past time and he was not going to help the Lakers by retiring.
      Oh yeah don’t feel too sorry for Fish and his millions and the fact that he did walk away from the Lakers himself several years ago before being force to come back for medical attention for his daughter so the Lakers have been there more than one time for him as well as he has been there for the Lakers.

  • Let’s face it Fish just was not cutting it anymore and although I will be sad to see him go, I know that we needed to ugrade at the PG position. Fisher, thank you for everything you have given to me as a fan and to the Lakers as a team. To the Lakers, Thank you for being smart and keeping together the Size that we have in Bynum and Gasol. Bring on the playoffs!!!

    • Chris, thanks for being the only person to make sense in this whole thread. God bless fish and p.s. its KOBE not Koby.

    • Couldn’t have said it any better myself Chris. I think you’re the only one on this comment page who actually watches basketball…

      • Now, this is what a true fans sounds like. Steve, your rite about that counld’nt say it any better. For all the haters. It kills me when people don’t respect the best pound for pound player in the game now at the age of 33 years old. Kobe is by far the air to the thrown and if you fail to realize it, than u need to jump off a bridge. On another note Fish we love everything you’ve contributed to the organization…. best of luck!!!!! But in terms of the future and winning a title it was the rite move… P.S.

        IT’S MAMBA TIME!!!!!

  • Rockets has fisher and camby,good job lakers made a good move.

  • Hard to see Fisher go but Walton was a no brainer and waste of money. Lakers can do it with nucleus. Glad we kept Pau and Bynum together with the Black Mamba.

    • It’s great to see a point guard to handle the ball and get the ball inside to Andrew and Pau. Two of the best big men working together in a long time. As for the (HAHAHAHA) “Bleak Manba” (whatever happened to his movie that was supposed to hit L.A.??? The movie died as did Koby’s shooting) The main question, is Koby smart enough allow Hill touch the ball? He wasn’t smart emough to sit out the meaningless All Star Game to rest his wrist. Instead he had two things broken. The meaningless “all time scorer in a meaningless “game”, and his nose… just how stupid is this high school kid? Don’t get me wrong he’s one of the top 100 greatest individual players. He’s on his was to win another individual scoring title. Pick up another individual trophy, as he loses another…his wife. As for the Lakers getting younger, I think I read Hill is 26, if so, 11 years younger than Fisher

      • how stupid can u be Gary. But what can I expect from someone not worthy enough to hold his jock strap let alone comment on the greatest player ever

  • The Lakers gave-up Fisher & a 1st round pick for Hill. They did NOT receive a 1st round pick. The Lakers traded away 2 1st round picks today. In return, they got younger, saved money on the Cap and upgraded the PG position. They basicly made their 2012-13 draft selections today and cut some unproductive, overpaid veterans in the process.

    Was it the right move? Time will tell. Sessions has 4-6 weeks to get familiar with the Lakers system.

    The Lakers also pretty much assured Ron Artest WILL NOT be wearing Purple & Gold after this season (Amnesty), given the trade of Luke Walton. I still feel their chances to advance rest on the knees of Andrew Bynum.

  • Good Luck DFish we love you, but the lakers need a point guard that can defend the slew of great point guards in the league today. some of these guys eat Fishs’ lunch. Paul, Williams Rondo etc.

  • Good Luck Fish. We Love you and thank you for all the great games but the Lakers need a point that can defend Paul, Williams,Rondo etc.
    Hope You come back and be an assistant coach.

  • Have most people forgot this is the second time derek was traded. He had came back and is gone again.

  • It’s amazing to see how many of you are so loyal to Fish.. He’s always been an exceptional leader and stand up guy. I’m no Lakers fan, but I’ve always had a great general respect for Fisher as a player and an ambassador for the NBA.

    This trade (for the 2nd time) shows you that the Lakers are a business and have no real loyalty for their players. Kobe better watch it!

    • Fisher signed with Golden State as a free agent and the Lakers didn’t match the offer. Get your story straight

  • Getting old or not, I think the team will really miss Fisher. He was always the voice of reason and a great clutch player. He knew Kobe’s game inside and out and always played to that. Will have to wait and see how this plays out.
    I wish him all the best, he is a gentleman and a “winner” in my book. He will help any time he plays for. Via Con Dios Fish, you won’t be forgotten.

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