The NBA’s Top 8 Point Guards

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In today’s NBA, point guard is certainly one of the deepest positions; a quality one guard isn’t terribly hard to come across. So with that said, being one of the elite at this position is something to really hang your hat on. We’ll start at number 8 and work our way up. Who’s your number one? The reigning MVP Derrick Rose, or someone else?

8. Steve Nash, Suns

At 38 years of age, just when you would expect the Canadian to slow down, Nash is playing some great ball. He’s currently averaging over 14 points and almost 11 assists per game, while shooting 56% from the field, 42% from three point land, and 88% from the line. Nash is still one of the best pure shooters in the league, and keeps himself in excellent shape year in and year out.

7. Steph Curry, Warriors

Just like Nash, Curry is one of the best shooters in the game. Curry came into the league and shot 44% from behind the arc in his first two seasons. Not too shabby. Unlike most players on this list, he really anything special physically or athletically. But you can tell that he’s a very intelligent player who knows what his doing. He knows when to shoot and when to facilitate; which is very important when your backcourt mate is Monta Ellis.

6. Tony Parker, Spurs

Parker is quietly having one of his best years and has carried the Spurs through Manu Ginobili’s injury. At 19 points and 8 assists per game, it’s a shame that he has to be this far down on the list. But as I mentioned earlier, the league is stacked with excellent point guards and I just couldn’t put him any higher.



5. Rajon Rondo, Celtics

He’s been hampered by injuries this year, but anyone who watches Rondo on a regular basis knows that he deserves to at least be at number 5. Rajon is probably the best defensive point guard in the league, and he doesn’t back down from anyone. Ask LeBron James. We all know that he is a one man fast break and an excellent passer/facilitator. His shooting has certainly gotten better, but it still needs to improve for him to reach the dominant level that he is capable of.



4. Russell Westbrook, Thunder

To be perfectly honest, this one stumped me. I had no clue where to put him on the list. When I watch him play, I think the same things that everyone else does-why doesn’t he pass more, he takes poor quality shots, etc. And he only averages 5.5 assists per game on a team that has Kevin Durant. But then I think more and he reminds me so much of Derrick Rose. I want to see Westbrook on a team where he is, without a doubt, “the guy” like Rose is. I’m not saying he’d be MVP by any stretch, but he is similar to D-Rose in terms of aggressiveness, speed, athleticism, power, and overall game.


3. Deron Williams, Nets

The Nets need to get this guy some help,  quick,  before he leaves in the summer. He’s a franchise player and someone they can build a contending team around. He does a lot of things well. Williams has the unique ability to take over a game by either scoring or facilitating, depending on the night. D-Will is averaging a solid 21 points and 8 assists per game this year, although his field goal percentage is a little low. Some people believe that he is the best at his position; let’s not get carried away.


2. Derrick Rose, Bulls

Rose doesn’t quite fit the traditional mold of a pass-first point guard, but oh well. He’s one of the elite players in the league, and he has an MVP award to back it up. He attacks the rim like almost nobody in the league can, and his strength allows him to finish with regularity. Rose has been fighting injuries, but is still averaging 22 points and 8 assists on one of the league’s best teams.



1. Chris Paul, Clippers

Paul has been the best point guard in the league, in my mind, for years now. He might not score as much as guys like Deron Williams or Derrick Rose, but he simply doesn’t need to.  He has Blake Griffin. And let’s be fair,  when he was on the Hornets, very few players were even capable of scoring. He is the best fast break point guard in the league, and shows us time and time again that he can take over a game. Or in the case of last year’s playoffs, he will take a mediocre team and scare the hell out of one of the elite teams. Paul will certainly be one of the favorites for MVP at the end of the season.


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