Tony Parker thinks coach Popovich will be “happy” if Spurs lose soon

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We all understand that San Antonio Spurs’ head  coach, Gregg Popovich, seems genuinely unhappy whether or not the Spurs win or lose. So much so that he even has his own, longtime players believing he’d be happier if the Spurs actually lose.

The Spurs collected their 18th straight win on Monday night, against the struggling Indiana Pacers, on the road. Tony Parker laughed about Popovich’s body language in a post game interview.

“I don’t know. I think he’ll be happy if we lose any time soon,” Parker said.

The word“sabotage.” was mentioned and Parker laughed it off, saying. “I’m pretty sure. He’s going to rest like half of the team.”

Hopefully Pop learned his lesson, and chooses a game that isn’t nationally televised, if indeed he does decide to bench his starters.

The Spurs have jumped out to a league best 58-16 record, but none of that impresses Popovich.

“We’ve never set any numerical goals,” Popovich said. “We’ve never set any goals to win a division or X number of games in a row. We just talk about trying to be the best team we can be by playoff time.”

It must be great to play for such an intelligent, and flat-out great NBA coach… but frustrating at the same time. I’m sure Spurs’ players learn quickly not to expect much praise, win or lose, and to hear an ear full whenever mistakes are made. That’s just the way it is with Pop.

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