Top 10 Best Players Currently Playing In The NBA

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LeBron James and Kevin Durant have been the two best NBA players

We are almost two months into the 2013-2014 season. Up to now, we’ve seen lots of surprises from both players and teams. Some of them were pleasant some others not. But which are the best players currently in the league? Let’s break down the Top 10.

No.1: LeBron James

The King still remains on his throne. There no simpler way to put it than this, there is no other player in the league who can do what LeBron can. But LeBron can do almost anything any other player in the league can do, perhaps even better than them.

No.2: Kevin Durant

Who else could rank just behind LeBron James? Of course, Kevin Durant. The difference between the two is really close. Durant is recording an amazing season up to now, leading the way for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

No.3: Paul George

We need to see more from Paul George, we want to see more. He is the next big thing in the NBA. He is an emerging megastar, if he hasn’t emerged already. The 23.8 points, 6.0 rebounds and 46 percent shooting from the field he is averaging up to now confirm that fact.

No.4: Tony Parker

Have you forgotten about the San Antonio Spurs and Tony Parker? You shouldn’t. Parker is definitely one of the best players currently in the league. It’s not just about his stats, his scoring. It’s because he has the complete package.

No.5: Carmelo Anthony

The New York Knicks may be struggling this season but the same doesn’t go for Carmelo Anthony. He is putting up 26.5 points, nine rebounds and shoots 44.5 percent from the floor this season. He is simply amazing.

No.6: LaMarcus Aldridge

Are you surprised to see LaMarcus Aldridge ranking so high in our list? You shouldn’t. Here’s why. In 37.1 minutes per game, Aldridge is averaging 23.1 points, 11.0 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game. He is also shooting 47.3 percent from the floor. You need more? How about that he is one of the two major reasons the Portland Trail Blazers are recording an exceptional course this season?

No.7: Kevin Love

Love is a double-double machine. He puts up 25.2 points and 13.7 boards per game. He shoots 44.9 percent from the field and 38.2 percent from three-point range this season. He is simply dominant.

No.8: James Harden

Harden had some issues this season. He experienced some minor injuries and he is not shooting so well from downtown. But still, he is impressive and he is arguably the best shooting guard in the league up to now.

No.9: Russell Westbrook

The presence of Kevin Durant sometimes overshadows what Russell Westbrook brings to the team. He is one of the most explosive athletes in the NBA. He is putting up huge performances.

No.10: Chris Paul

This is a close one, as we could rank the revamped Dwyane Wade 10th in our list. However, CP3 wins the race. His overall skills and performance simply can’t be neglected. He is doing it all for the Los Angeles Clippers, scoring, dishing assists, playing defense and setting up the team.

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