Top 5 Rivalries Currently In The NBA

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Indiana and Miami may be the best rivalry in the NBA

LeBron James just recently stated that there are no rivalries currently in the NBA. However, that might not be true. Of course, today’s rivalries might not have the intensity of the Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics on of two decades ago. Nevertheless, at a level, there are indeed some rivalries that trigger the fans’ interest. Here are my top five team rivalries.

5. Houston Rockets – Oklahoma City Thunder

This an emerging rivalry. Former Thunder James Harden, alongside Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets are looking to conquer the Western Conference this season. The No.1 obstacle Harden and his company will meet on their way to the top is his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Look for this rivalry to grow more and more as seasons go by.


4. Los Angeles Lakers – Los Angeles Clippers


Who could imagine a few seasons ago that the Los Angeles Clippers would be the most powerful team in the City of Angeles? This rivalry is actually a fresh one and started since the time Chris Paul joined the Clips. At first, it was the Lakers who almost obtained CP3 but then the NBA called the deal of. Now, the Clippers are the ones who are chasing the championship and the Lakers are struggling. But still, every time the two times face each other, Los Angeles goes on fire.


3. Miami Heat – Oklahoma City Thunder


Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have been surging this season. They want to win it all in the west and reach the NBA Finals once again. There, the are many chances they will meet LeBron James and Co. After a devastating 4-1 loss in the NBA Finals series two seasons ago, Durant and Westbrook will want to take revenge. This is a very strong rivalry in the NBA, as it features the two best players in the league.


2. Brooklyn Nets – New York Knicks


This one can’t be described as a top-level rivalry. But still, it’s a significant one. The two teams of NYC, the Nets and the Knicks are in a race against themselves this season. Both of them were expected to be contending for a championship this season, but both of them are in the middle of big slumps. Still, when they play against each other, the tension is high.


1. Miami Heat – Indiana Pacers

Yes, this is a rivalry for sure. No matter if LeBron doesn’t see it that way. Everyone else in the league does. Each time the two teams play against each other, the fan interest skyrockets. Since the Eastern Conference Finals of the previous season, the intensity between the Pacers and the Heat has started to heat up. The Pacers are now on the hot seat, as they are trying hard to top the defending champions. As a matter of fact, they are the only team in the East that can do that. The saga will continue this season and possibly all the way to the Eastern Finals.

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