Top Five Dunkers in the NBA

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When it happens, the rims shakes. Fans jump to their feet. Players from both teams look on in disbelief. The slam dunk may be the most dominant display of superiority in sports, and is a big reason why the NBA is where amazing happens.

Having an excellent dunk artist on your team can make even the most miserable squads watchable and keep you from turning off a lopsided loss in the 4th quarter. Something about watching a man elevate to over ten feet in the air and slam that ball into the rim with authority leaves us enamored with the game of basketball. The players on this list are the biggest, most powerful, most explosive, and overall the best five dunkers in the NBA today.

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  • Stopped taking this seriously the second I read Paul George. Got even more laughable when Nate Robinson popped up. Not’s not a “Dunk Artist” he’s a novelty. Add Jeremy Evans and LeBron to this list and it’s solid

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