Top Five Shooters Currently Playing In The NBA

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Ray Allen is still one of the best shooters in the game

Shooting, especially from long range, has become a very important part of the game for any team in the NBA. Nowadays, we see lots of teams relying on their three-point shooters and we also see lots of big men, who are accustomed to play inside, hitting three-pointers at great rates. But which are the best shooters currently in the league? Let’s break down our list.

No.1 Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry was born to be a shooter. He is simply deadly from long range. He can hit a three-pointer with no hesitation or with pressure on him. If he finds himself open for a fraction of a second in the perimeter, he will knock down a three. Last season he set a new record for most three-pointers made in a regular season. This season, he is continuing to fire at superb rates, sinking 42.2 percent of his shots from downtown.

No.2 Ray Allen

Ray Allen couldn’t be missing from our list. He is an all-time classic option when it comes to three-point shooters. He will go down in history as one of the best shooters to ever pass from the courts of the NBA. Despite the 38 years of his age, he still does what he knows best, hitting three-pointers, in an effective way. Sometimes, the corner three looks much easier for Ray Allen than a layup. We shouldn’t forget that he was the one to save the season for the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals a few months ago.

No.3 Kevin Durant

Durant’s wide skill set sometimes makes his shooting abilities be neglected. However, he is one of the best shooters in the league. The 25-year old megastar has a unique ability to sink three-pointers even with tight pressure on him. Of course, his 6’10”-6’11” height gives him the opportunity to shoot over his defender. This season, Durant is shooting 40.2 percent from three-point range but the fact is that he takes many shots per game. Durant is also a very clutch player and he has made unbelievable, buzzer-beating shots throughout his career.

No.4 Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver has experienced ups and downs with his shooting during the past few seasons. Although he is shooting at a 42.2 percent rate from downtown for his career and an impressive 48.7 percent this season, his inability to be effective during the playoffs, when it matters the most, dropped him in the fourth seed of our list. Kyle Korver shoots 36.7 percent from distance for his career in the postseason. Still, he is one of the best shooters the league has seen.

No.5 Wesley Matthews

Matthews might come as a surprise to this list. However, judging from his shooting performance this season, he can be considered as one of the best shooters in the NBA. He shoots below 40.0 percent from distance for his career. However, this season, he has exploded for 45.4 percent from three-point range. He is a big factor for the success the Portland Trail Blazers have found up to now. Duration and consistency will establish his name in the list of the best shooters in the league.

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