Tyreke Evans is Very Unhappy Playing Small Forward

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The Sacramento Kings have enough to worry about. On top of consistently being one of the worst teams in the league in recent history, they have the headache that is talented big man DeMarcus Cousins. Now, they seem to have even more trouble.

Former Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans reportedly is very unhappy that the team has been using him as their small forward. Evans primarily played point guard his rookie year, which is where he was most successful. However, due to his size/athleticism, and the flooding of guards onto the team’s roster, he has been moved to small forward from time to time, most notably late last season.

It’s an experiment that Sacramento thought might pay dividends by having extra playmakers on the floor, with the possibility of having Thomas/Thorton/Evans in the game all at once. But Tyreke is having absolutely none of that.

According to Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated, he has made it clear to the team that he wants to be a ball handling guard, and not a wing player.

Evans has very recently been linked to Houston Rockets and Toronto Raptors with the draft upcoming. Rumors were flying about a trade that would send the number 5 pick and Evans to Houston for Kyle Lowry and two first round picks. This would allow the Rockets to offer the number 5 pick, number 18 pick, Tyreke Evans, and Kevin Martin to Orlando for Dwight Howard.

Wherever he ends up, Evans is a very talented player and has a ton of upside to be an extremely good player in this league. Sacramento should strongly consider inserting him back as their starting point guard or trade him, because he doesn’t seem content with anything else.

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8 Responses to Tyreke Evans is Very Unhappy Playing Small Forward

  • why is it that whenever the kings get good players they trade them off.Like Keven Martin Delenbera now Tyrek

  • Tyreke Evens may be a good player, but he is not a team player. The kings had more success at the end of the season with Isaiah Thomas as point guard. Tyreke has been slow fitting in with the system. If you watch him as point guard, he ticks off probably 15 seconds of the clock before he ever starts a play, they he either runs into a crowd and loses the ball or has to throw it up before time runs out. He is a nice guy, but as a fan I’m frustrated watching him. Let him go Sacramento.

  • The Kings need to do what it takes to keep the former rookie of the year happy and playing in the position where he is most successful for Evans and the organization. The Kings now have a dominate triple-threat on their hands just like when they had Divac,Weber and Bibby. If the Kings trade Evans, that will show the league, the players, and the Sacramento fans that the organization doesn’t know how to handle royalty and don’t deserve to be called KINGS. I suggest that the Kings allow Evans to play where he is most comfortable and successful for the team and coach him up on the adjustment of having two big man now. Trading Evans will be a big mistake.

  • T.Evans is very talented and nice guy but unfortunately he is neither a good point gaurd nor a shooting gaurd.He is very selfish,one on one player and stalls everything making all the other players stand still. His only plus point is that he penetrates to the ring but miss the layup most of the time.He is not a good shooter either.Due to his style of playing kings were made to loose K. Martin to rockets.

  • I don’t believe this story. Tyreke isn’t like that. This story makes no sense if you’ve ever seen Tyreke.

  • How about trading Jimmer. The Kings have no respect for Jimmer and he is playing with a team that has no concept of “team”. Coach Smart talks out of both sides of his mouth regarding JImmer. He wants him to shoot and create opportunities for other players. Right, no other player on the Kings first team uses teamwork. They are five individuals, playing for themselves. Last season Thomas could throw away the ball three or four times and Smart would not take him out. Let Jimmer make one mistake and he is back on the bench. It was so blatant, it was pathetic. So keep Evans and let him do his drop his head and run through the opposition and throw up some prayer of a shot that usually doesn’t go in. His moves resembles a football player more than an NBA player. Let Jimmer go to a team that might even work with him to improve. A player doesn’t improve sitting on the bench. The acquistion of Brooks speaks volumes of what the Kings think of Jimmer. TRADE HIM!!!!

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