Stan Van Gundy: “LeBron James is already better than Michael Jordan”

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Stan Van Gundy says LeBron James is already better than Michael Jordan

According to Stan Van Gundy, the question isn’t if LeBron James can be as good as Michael Jordan, but rather how much better can King James be than Michael Jordan? On the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, a Miami radio show and podcast, Van Gundy told Le Batard that “LeBron James is already better than Michael Jordan.”

Stan Van Gundy has never been shy from expressing his opinions. When it was revealed to him that Dwight Howard had asked for his firing, he told the media, “I was told it was true by people in our management, right from the top.”  The difference between his comments from the past in comparison to his comments regarding LeBron now,  is that he is talking as an NBA analyst providing his expert opinion to the public. Van Gundy seems to  truly feel LeBron is the better player.  This will surely be criticized by members of his own ilk and the sports bologsphere.

He is one of the first notable NBA minds to express this proclamation. Only Stan knows if he really means this, but by the way his brother and him go about making ground breaking statements, I’m sure he means this with full sincerity.

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12 Responses to Stan Van Gundy: “LeBron James is already better than Michael Jordan”

  • Please be advised: I am a Chicagoan by birth but I am finally relieved to hear someone other than myself speak this publicly as I have also heard it from other longtime NBA fans with great knowledge and basketball abilities as Lebron does everything better and coupled with that is he is much physically imposing and gifted as there is no way M.J. can stop Lebron as he gives away 40 pounds here and I will not begin to say that not only will Lebron dethrone him he will physically punish him as he has tremendous speed & power and does not need 6 rings to defeat him and when the King finishes his career all of us will be witnesses! Lebron will thrive in any era! TLH3

  • thats why he’s not coaching

  • Finally Lebron is the best Lebron can be. I have been waiting a long time for this. MJ had the toughness from day 1. They are both from different eras, so it’s hard to compare. But in the clutch, MJ still has him. Lebron still needs a little more of a killer instint to match with MJ. I feel when it’s all said and done, Lebron will be close. Physically, Lebron is a freak. MJ had to work so much harder to get to be the best. They both have the greatness genes. I think the best ever arguement is overblown, but add interest. For me, Wilt was and always will be the most physically gifted player ever. He was a champion high jumper, professional volleyball player and a basketball player too and he had no work ethic. What might have been? What was was great alone. History will tell all.



  • I think Lebron is better than Jordan also.It seem taboo for people to say anything against jordan but just like we didn’t think anyone could be better than Dr.J we now think the same about jordan. It seems that rings are what determine who’s the better player so if that’s the case Jordan is nowhere near the greatest player, Bill russell is. HANDS DOWN!!!!!!

  • The day Lebron comes into a game with a 100 + fever or a sprained ankle to win a game I`ll start to give him credit. All he does is whine and cry. I would really like to see him go to the hoop against Charles Barkley. Chuck would knock him on his ass.. oh by the way, why hasn`t anybody ever checked Lebron for steroids.

  • Ron,
    Thank you for recognizing Bill Russell’s greatness. As a kid I bought into the hype about Wilt and hated Russell & the Celtics. How could a wiry 6’9″ center beat Wilt and all of the other centers brains out like he did? As an adult I had to review the games that I had seen and after checking the stat’s, I had to conclude that Bill was the smartest big man ever and the greatest player. Only man with more rings than fingers! Picked as the MVP when only the players and coaches could vote. He shots looked ackward but he always had a good shoooting percentage, 2nd in the league one year. Best defensive player ever and his scoring always went up in the finals, he usually averaged around 25 points and over 25 rebounds during the finals. Pretty good stat’s.

  • If you are a real Basketball player and a true fan of the game, to compare the two is very hard. In my basketball opinion I believe LBJ is a better athlete than MJ but MJ worked harder to accomplish his goals. LBJ has a high basketball IQ like MJ, more gifted physically. If LBJ played back in the Bulls era taking his Miami Heat against MJ Chicago Bulls it would be an interesting game. Remember matchups, they would start the game with Scottie on LBJ and MJ on Wade in which I know MJ would give Wade Buckets in the post-up game. Now you gotta factor when LBJ start to eat Pippen up, help D which it would be hard because their is also Chris Bosh open for Jump-shots. You gonna put Dennis Rodman on Chris Bosh..haha, Not to mention the fact the guards would have a hard time bringing the ball up the court with Charlmers and Cole harassing them. You can bring Toni Kukoc off the bench, who would he check? Miami would run them out the gym..If you are a true fan ofthe game and have and comprehension basketball IQ you would understand. Jordan competitive nature and attitude would take the Bulls out the game. he would try to switch on LBJ, in which LBJ 6’8 280 horse in the post. I dont care what type of defensive mongo you are, how what Micheal defend without any help? Tell who Micheal defendened that was LBJ like? Hardaway?, Bird? Barkley? Wilkens? Magic? Detriot Pistons Roster? Clyde Drex? John Stockton and Malone? The Great Houston Rockets? Nobody ever seen something like LBJ, someone needs to chech is DNA to make sure he’s human… End of topic

  • actually Lebron is an extension of Jordan, without the original #23, Bron would’nt have been given the (chosen one) power! having said that there’s only 1000 Jordan feats that Bron is no where near, but don’t worry the refs have his back, and don’t forget Jordan’s 1st 3 titles he DID’NT have the referee advantage!

  • it should be remembered that the only people to pretend there was a player better than Jordan are either the ones that don’t like him, or the ones that remember him at the end of his Bulls run after returning from baseball w/ less athleticism! Youtube is available as well as basketball-reference so do your homework before spreading bull!

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