Video: Allen Iverson breaking ankles in China with sick crossover

  • Frank Santos

Full disclosure: I love and miss Allen Iverson; I grew up on AI taking dudes to school. I really feel like that if he were to put his ego aside, and didn’t have the reputation that he does around the league, he could be a valuable asset off the bench for an NBA team. Unfortunately, neither one of those aforementioned problems are going to change, so I will have to settle for getting a hold of videos of him embarrassing dudes in China. It’s not exactly crossing over Michael Jordan, but it will have to do.


AI reminds me of Mike Tyson in a few ways. We have gotten to the point with Iverson, like we did with Tyson, where we just want to see them knock dudes out (or in this case, down.) We are even willing to admit they are past their prime, and we don’t even care if the dude they knock down is a terrible Chinese defender. I would pay to watch AI start a game in the league this year, and just go vintage Iverson, even if it were just for one game. Make it happen, – insert team desperate to sell some seats and make my dreams come true-.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Assistant Site Manager

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