Video: Doug Collins drops some explicit language after a Sixers win

  • Andy Flint

The Philadelphia 76ers head coach, Doug Collins, shouted some colorful language and had to be restrained after his Sixers beat the Indiana Pacers on Saturday night.

Look, I’m just as lost as the rest of the world on who Collins is cursing at in this clip. If I had to guess, I’d say the officials, as the game was seemingly going Indiana’s way the entire night.

The 76ers would overcome overtime and 33 foul shots by the Pacers and come away with 109-106 win on the road to basically guarantee the Sixers a postseason berth.

I’m not going to condone acting like an animal and yelling like a mad-man on national television, but the NBA needs more scrappy coaches like Doug Collins. This guy is all heart and showed off his coaching chops during this game, throwing some exotic lineups Philly’s way and getting a much needed win on the road.

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