VIDEO: Harrison Barnes takes nasty fall; eventually leaves game

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An integral part of the success of the young upstart Golden State Warriors this postseason has been the terrific play of rookie Harrison Barnes out of North Carolina. Barnes, who had many critics coming out of college as to whether he would be able to perform at the NBA level, has looked like a player that may have the potential to be a very good player for years to come. You pair him up with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson AKA The Splash Brothers, and the Warriors have a bright future.

However, late in the first half during game six of the Western Conference Semi-Finals, Barnes took a nasty fall trying to stop a Boris Diaw drive. Barnes was taken to the locker room after laying on the floor for a brief period of time, and was bleeding from his eyebrow. Here’s a video of the fall, where you can see Barnes’ inability to break his fall in time:

Barnes seemed to be okay, as he came out to start the second half for the Warriors.

UPDATE: Barnes left the game again at the end of the third quarter with headaches.

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