Video: LeBron James levels John Lucas with a pick

  • Andy Flint

This pick came late in the 3rd quarter of Thursday night’s Heat/Bulls showdown in Miami. The heat won this game 83-72 on their home-court.

LeBron’s screen looks perfectly acceptable to me, but Bulls backup point guard, John Lucas looked less that thrilled. He approached LeBron after the play was whistled dead and had to be restrained by  Chicago forward, Carlos Boozer.

I do understand Lucas’ pain. He’s already featured in a poster of LeBron leaping over him for a sensational dunk. This seems like insult to injury!

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2 Responses to Video: LeBron James levels John Lucas with a pick

  • I’ve seen this done in the NFL & WWE all the time… And I’ll never understand how Dwade wasn’t ejected. The Heat are a dirty team. There is a fine line between “hard playoff fouls” and dirty cheap shots, but the Heat are disgusting (NOT a Bulls fan)

    • Sorry to hear what you say, but Miami Heat is a team that plays fair. There are a lot of teams playing dirty in nba. But every single eye just watch what Miami do, but not others are doing against them.

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