Warriors C Andrew Bogut Says He’ll Be A Top 3 Center

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image from: warriorsworld.net

image from: warriorsworld.net

Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut has been known as an underachiever in his career due to all his injuries as well as the fact that he is a former #1 overall draft pick. However, Bogut seems to be confident that he can put his injury troubled past behind him and become an elite center in the NBA. How elite, you ask? Well, according to a report, Bogut claims he can be a “top three center” in the NBA provided he stays healthy. Bogut also added that he is healthy and that he “hasn’t had any restrictions since July”.

Judging by the premises, Andrew Bogut must believe that he is going to be a top three center in the NBA this season. While I don’t believe his argument is sound, it is deductively valid based on the definition of a deductively valid argument. I applaud Andrew Bogut for teaching us a basic little lesson in how to form a logically valid argument, which is to put two premises together and a conclusion that must necessarily follow!

However, this doesn’t at all mean that Andrew Bogut is actually going to be a top three center in the NBA. All it means is that believes he’s going to be a top three center in the NBA, and last I checked, many people have believed things that ended up not coming true (e.g. The Aztecs believed that Quetzalcoatl would come again, and he obviously did not). I wish Bogut all the best in his recovery and his ambitions, but I don’t have a whole lot of faith that his bold prediction will actually come true.

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