The Warriors and Clippers got into an altercation in the hallway after Game 7

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image from: cbssports.com

image from: cbssports.com

It’s no secret that the Warriors and the Clippers aren’t the best of friends. You won’t see them hanging out like old pals together anytime soon. According to various sources, the Clippers and Warriors got into a heated altercation in the hallway after their intense Game 7 battle. Via Yahoo! Sports: 

“It was a crazy scene,” a source who witnessed the incident told Yahoo Sports.

After the game ended, the Warriors thought they heard a Clippers assistant coach yell, “It’s a little quiet in there,” several times outside their locker room, multiple sources said. Warriors guards Stephen Curry and Steve Blake were the first to dart from the locker room and confronted some Clippers ball boys in the hallway between both locker rooms, a source said. The Warriors’ coaching staff and players followed Curry and Blake into the hallway where they also confronted Clippers staff members and some players, including forward Glen Davis, sources said.

As with all stories of this nature, it’s hard to parse fact from fictional drama. Doc Rivers’ son for example tweeted that Warriors center Marreese Speights “barged in” to the Clippers locker room, but later deleted his tweet. I’m not trying to suggest that nothing happened between these two teams after the game. I am merely saying that things may not have been as bad as reports indicate. Was there some shouting going on? Probably. Was there tension? Certainly. Beyond that, who knows outside of the players and eye-witnesses? I wasn’t there, so I can’t say for certain what actually happened. But what I can say for certain is that these teams don’t like each other, and that’s all that we need to know. If anything this story just reminds us of that more than anything else.


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