Warriors Will Have New Jerseys With Sleeves

  • Mark Evans

The new jerseys for the Golden State Warriors.
credit: mercurynews.com

In an era where fans love cool jerseys, the Golden State Warriors released a new jersey that is certainly different from anything we’ve seen in the NBA. And kind of weird.

For some reason, the team is releasing a new jersey that has sleeves, via the Mercury News. Yes, seriously. Because I’m sure all the players will love that.

You have to believe that at this point, these players feel pretty comfortable in the type of uniforms they’ve been wearing for their entire time in the NBA, which do not have sleeves. For creatures of rhythm, going to a sleeved jersey could definitely be a pretty strange feeling.

The new look can be seen on the right, which just doesn’t look natural. Maybe teams will eventually begin to use sleeved jerseys if they become more and more popular with the players and the fans. But for now, it’s certainly a little strange to think about.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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