WATCH: Evan Turner throws-down 360 dunk, offends Lakers

  • Andy Flint

There’s an unwritten rule in basketball … you do NOT score when the clock is winding down and your team has the game locked up. Nobody informed Philadelphia 76ers guard, Evan Turner, and score is exactly what he did on Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers.

After Nick Young launches, and misses a three-pointer, the Sixers come down with the rebound, and somehow Evan Turner ends up flying ahead of everyone else (because the game was over and they had quit), receives the pass, and throws down a 360 dunk as time expires.

It was a beautiful slam, but the fact of the matter was that the Sixers were already going to win by a score of 109-104, and the final dunk that made it 111-104 was completely unnecessary. Turner even appears to realize this just after, and attempts to apologize to the Lakers.

Turner’s not exactly met with warmth as he approaches several Lakers’ players to apologize after the clock runs out.

Turner finished with 22 points, seven rebounds, and six assists, but this will ultimately be the only play anyone remembers from that game.

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