WATCH: Kevin Durant tells Dwyane Wade it’s time to “Pass the Torch”

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Kevin Durant continues to say James Harden should be ahead of Dwyane Wade

Kevin Durant reiterated his stance on Dwyane Wade during a recent interview via Eurohoops.net. As we all know by now, Durant sparked up some hoops drama a few weeks back when he said Wade isn’t a top 10 NBA player. Instead, KD said that his boy James Harden should have made the top 10 list done by SI.com’s The Point Forward.

Now, Durant is telling Wade it’s time to “Pass the torch.” KD may be correct in his analysis of passing the torch, but shouldn’t respecting a future Hall of Fame player with three rings to his name, enter his thought process? Wade is force to share the load with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, whereas KD has the green light even when Russell Westbrook is playing. Wade is 31 years old, and we have seen plenty of guards  like Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Michael Jordan play well into their mid 30s. Point is, KD probably should back off his stance and let Harden string together another year of all-star play before proclaiming him ahead of D-Wade.

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