WATCH: Kevin Garnett blows up former teammate Ray Allen on pick

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It’s no secret that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce aren’t exactly happy with their former teammate Ray Allen for leaving the Boston Celtics two years ago for the Miami Heat. Of course this would qualify as a grudge, but KG took it a step further. The Big Ticket deleted Allen’s phone number and cut off all communication with the sharpshooter. Then, last season when the Heat played the Celtics, KG gave Ray Allen the cold shoulder when Allen tried to show love before the two squared off.

Smash cut to this season when Pierce and KG both became members of the Brooklyn Nets. James made a point to call out the two veterans for their hypocrisy. So you can see there is no love loss between the future Hall of Fame players that have been going at it for the last several years.

Normally a pick set that blows up another player isn’t exactly news worthy. However, seeing that there is no love loss between the former teammates, KG blowing up Allen makes this play a little more interesting.

Check it out:

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