WATCH: Man Hits Guinness World Record 27 Three-Pointers in One Minute

  • Frank Santos

I personally have a goal to set a Guinness World Record before my life is over, regardless of what its in. For some reason, I just think it would be, well, really damn cool. So, you can imagine my envy watching this video, as Gerrod Trytten of OHoops hits twenty-seven three-pointers in one minute, beating the previous mark of twenty-five.

Aside from Trytten, who obviously is impressive in the video, the work of his rebounders should not go unnoticed. Every time Trytten releases the ball, he immediately has another ball to shoot. Teamwork makes the dream work, people.

Let’s watch Trytten set the Guinness World Record (pending authenticity) in this video, courtesy of DimeMag:


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