WATCH: Michael Rapaport Crushes Dwight Howard on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption

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Oh, Dwight. You were doing so well this offseason until you opened your mouth about Orlando and your jersey number that you apparently feel should be retired or off limits to anyone you deem unfit to wear it.

Actor/director Michael Rapaport, famous for roles in movies like True Romance, Cop Land and his documentary film, Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, did not take to kindly to this news in his guest appearance on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption.


Rapaport is an avid sports fan and his take on Howard is not all that far-fetched. He talks about abandoning the carefree, always smiling attitude Howard has on the court to get “meaner and rough and rugged” like Moses Malone and Artis Gilmore. Those are two historically great centers who reflected thos characteristics Rapaport wants to see in Howard.

He brings up Howard’s roller-coaster ride of a tenure in Orlando that ended very poorly. All of Rapaport’s assessments are spot-on and justifiably critical of a player that simply has not grown up yet and does not seem to grasp the bigger picture when he makes comments like these. If his career was over and he wanted to make those kinds of statements about his jersey number, maybe then would it be acceptable as we could have the right perspective on his legacy in Orlando as part of his entire career.

But he’s still playing and as Rapaport said, he never won anything there and caused a mess that Orlando is still struggling to clean up.

So in a way, giving his number away to Tobias Harris is a form of payback for how he left things in Orlando. Rapaport publicly stated facts and the biggest one that came out is that Dwight Howard needs to grow up and move on. Maybe a change of attitude will do him some good.

Drop the smile and get mean, Dwight.

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