WATCH: Rudy Gay takes jab at O.J. Mayo

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If you’re a Milwaukee Bucks’ fan, then your NBA season has been less-than-enjoyable, to say the least. The Bucks have managed to dig themselves into 13-57 hole this season. A losing routine that has only been shadowed by the fact that the Philadelphia 76ers have lost 24 games in a row. Although, thew Sixers, 15-55, still have some work to do if they wish to stink more than the Bucks.

The Bucks took their talents (or lack there of) to Sacramento, on Sunday, to face the Kings. The Kings, 25-45, laid a 124-107 beating on the Bucks, despite Milwaukee putting together a 37-point 4th quarter, behind the play of  O.J. Mayo, and Ramon Sessions.

The best part of this meaningless game was the post-game interviews with the Kings. The video starts with head coach, Mike Malone, then goes to Isaiah Thomas, DeMarcus Cousins, and ends with some hilarious comments from Rudy Gay, about former teammate, O.J. Mayo.

Rudy starts by saying Mayo is “A little overweight”, and then continues with the jabs by saying he’s (Mayo) “Gained a little weight, or whatever”. Rudy was then asked if he was surprised to see the way he (Mayo) looked, to which Gay responded.. “I guess when you’re hurt in Wisconsin, you eat.”

Perhaps there’s something about the fine dining in Milwaukee? Mayo has had his ups and downs with the Bucks. A lot of his issues do seem to be due to his injuries, but one reporter did note that Mayo still had a jumper, and Gay agreed.

The Bucks fell again, but Mayo, despite being out of shape, did net 21 points in just 27 minutes off the bench.

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