WATCH: Utah Jazz Bear Gets Even With “Beer Guy”

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BearVSBeerGuyMonday night, the Jazz claim their fourth win of the season over the red hot Houston Rockets at home at Energy Solutions Arena.  Unfortunately for Utah, it was in front of the second smallest crowd in Delta Center/Energy Solutions Arena history.  The crowds should continue to increase in population if the Jazz can continue to play the way they have recently.

One thing that Utah’s Bear is known for is getting into it with the opposing team’s fans.  The Rockets typically bring on a strong following at ESA, and tonight was no different.  One of Bear’s favorite antics is silly string.  He had already smothered several Rockets fans in it, and they all took it with good humor, until the infamous “Beer Guy”.  One Rockets fan was not too thrilled about Bear blasting his $8.25 beer full of silly string.  In retaliation, the fan dumped the full beverage on top of Bear’s head.  Talk about a dry-cleaning nightmare.  Bear returned to the tunnel to lick his wounds.

During the next timeout, the wronged Rockets fan was shown to the masses on Utah’s brand new giant HD screens.  The text in red flashed on the image, “Beer Guy”.  The crowd met this imagery with boos as the Rocket fan taunted and flaunted his colors.  In enters Bear with a bucket full of what appeared to be water.  It’s apparent that Bear was out to get even for the public shower.  Despite security’s best efforts to contain the long-time Jazz mascot, he slips passed them and drenches “Beer Guy” in water, and then the fan was kicked out.

The Jazz Bear does not get mad, he gets even.

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