Bulls end Heat’s streak at 27: What should we take away from this?

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The Miami Heat’s improbable 27 game winning streak came to a halt on Wednesday night in the Windy City against the Bulls, where they ended up losing 101-97. Many experts had this night circled on their calendars as the night that the streak would go down, and as it turns out those experts were right. But now that we can look back on the streak in its entirety with it now over, what should we as basketball fans take away from this impressive streak, and what should we take away from the Bulls who ended the streak?
The answer to the first question is rather simple and rather complicated for different reasons. It’s rather simple in the sense that we should take away from this winning streak that the Heat are really really good. But how good is where the question gets complicated. We know the Heat are championship caliber judging by what they did last season in the Finals against the Thunder in addition to how incredible LeBron James is playing. But does this winning streak mean they are a mortal lock to repeat as champions? The answer to that question is no. The reason why is because we still have a lot of basketball left, and more specifically it wasn’t the Bobcats who ended the streak, or the Magic, or the Hornets or some no-name team, but it was the Bulls who ended it, who are one of the few teams in the NBA who are built to beat the Heat.

The Bulls were able to beat the Heat without playing Joakim Noah or Derrick Rose, two players who they will absolutely need playing if they are to knock out the Heat. Noah because he punishes the Heat on the glass and Rose because he’s the only player who skill-for-skill can hang with LeBron James (let’s not forget Derrick Rose has an MVP of his own). For the Bulls to knock out the Heat playing their brand of basketball (gritty defense and gritty post play) without two of their most key players should have the Heat worried, and more specifically should give the Bulls hope.

So in conclusion, what do we take way from Wednesday night’s game in the Madhouse on Madison and the Heat’s winning streak? We take from it that the Heat are the team to beat in the NBA and that the Bulls just might be the team most cut out for dethroning them. As basketball fans let’s hope that this game was only a prelude to more great Bulls-Heat games this season and not the finale. Judging by how tonight went, a Bulls-Heat series would be a tough physical series with both teams going back and forth delivering blows to each other.  Such a series certainly has to be what every NBA fan hopes to see come playoff time, especially for fans out East, since heaven knows the West on paper has the better combination of possibly entertaining playoff matchups.

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One Response to Bulls end Heat’s streak at 27: What should we take away from this?

  • The Heat, despite being the team to beat, are vulnerable. Their vulnerability lies in their guard positions. I say this because, that is where the times the have been beaten, the got beat at. A team has to offset Wade and the other guards they have. Although Boozer, Gibson and company abused the Heat in this game, with the exception of LaBron, Robinson and the young kid on the block, Butler, absolutely killed them in the guard spot.

    With a 90% healthy Rose and Rip back into the line up, the Bulls would be the team to dethrone the Heat. This is so with or without Noah. However; Noah would be necessary for the Bulls to win it all. The Bulls and the Heat are tailored made for one another. Fans and the media have ripped Boozer since his arrival in Chicago. When Boozer plays steady, the Bulls win. He has played steady more than not. It is not his numbers that propel the Bulls. It is his presence and the threat of things he can potentially do. Opposing teams efforts to stop him from doing those things, opens the game up for Bulls guards.

    This is why every guard that played for the Bulls in the Boozer era plays a lot better than they are. Look back to the bench mob of a year ago to Nate Robinson and co. this year. Just imagine what Nate, Rip and Butler will be like with Rose. The defense will be historical. The offensive assault will become infamous. Watch for it!!!

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