Wizards’ John Wall Will Use His Shoes To Motivate A Playoff Push

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image from: smokingsection.uproxx.com

image from: smokingsection.uproxx.com

The Washington Wizards hope to make a push for the playoffs this season with a healthy roster and their franchise player John Wall locked up on a max deal. No player is more eager to see the Wizards make the playoffs than John Wall himself, who reportedly will write the word “playoffs” on his shoes before every game this season as special motivation.

Via Howard Beck of Bleacher Report:

When the Washington Wizards open the season Oct. 30 in Detroit, Wall will take the court with the word “playoffs” scribbled on his shoes. He will repeat the exercise every day, through 82 games, lest he or anyone else lose sight of the goal.

“You will see it on all my shoes,” Wall said last week. “Every game pair is going to have ‘playoffs’ on it. That’s my main determination.”

While motivation tactics like this often can come across as sophomoric or something used by a high school football team, this actually could end up working for John Wall and the Wizards. More than anything, this shows that John Wall understands what is expected of him as a result of his new max contract. The Wizards didn’t sign him to a max money deal to help them sell a lot of tickets or jerseys. They signed him to a max deal to make them relevant again and a force in the Eastern Conference. While John Wall still is yet to back up his new contract with his play, the fact that he is so open about his desire to make the playoffs and turn the culture of this franchise around has to make the Wizards feel (for now) that they have made a wise investment in him.

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