Girl’s High School Basketball Team Loses 76-0

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A lot of coaches in professional sports catch criticism for “running up the score” when they know they have a victory already in hand. Bill Belichick and Phil Jackson are two of the more well-known coaches who tend to leave their stars in games, regardless of the score.

At the high school level, the dynamic is a little different. The athletes aren’t getting paid, and there is much more inequality with regards to talent. A lot of the kids playing are just doing so for fun, to stay in shape, to make some friends, because their parents made them, etc.

Someone should tell that to North Forest High School in Texas. Via the Houston Chronicle:

Most who saw just the score had to look twice.

But on Wednesday, North Forest and Lee met in the first round of the 29th Annual Houston ISD Girls Tournament. When it was over, North Forest walked off the floor with a 76-0 win.

Yes – North Forest 76, Lee 0.

Even at  the high school level, how does a game get to that point? Could Lee really not score any points? And did it never enter the coach of North Forest’s head to maybe stop scoring once you’re up 40, 50, 60, even 70 points?

I understand wanting to make sure you win the game, but there’s a line in high school sports. And it’s safe to say that North Forest crossed it.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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