If you love the NBA and College Hoops and have always wanted to write about them, but lack the platform to do so, then look no further. Here at Pass the Pill, we provide a unique opportunity and experience for our writers.

Become part of the Sports-Kings brand and family by joining our Basketball branch and writing sports the way YOU want to write them. We extend a fun and open opportunity to each of our writers and welcome each person’s creativity to blossom.

Email us for more information at passthepill@gmail.com to apply!

5 Responses to WRITE FOR US

  • Emil Elm says:

    I have a passion for writing which has helped me spawn my own website that has been around for a few years, I have a tremendous level of knowledge for sports, please take a look at my site, and let me know if you are interested.


    Emil Elm

  • Brian Roehrig says:

    I love the NBA. Every minute a though about the NBA passes through my head. I love basketball and want to be able to share my opinions with people and see what they think. I always love a good fan that has passion for their team and defends their side.

  • Kody Coleman says:

    Hi, my name is Kody Coleman and it is my dream and passion to become a sports blogger. I can go with days about talking about sports. While the NBA is my 2nd favorite pro sport, I love to talk about it. I know a lot about it. I know what teams should use as their gameplans, I can expertly rank a power ranking and I can also analyze games after their done. I can tell what teams should do in the offseason to make them better. I know a lot about this, and if you’d just give me the opportunity, I’d be very greatful.

  • Chiemela Enyia says:

    My name is Chiemela Enyia and I love to talk about sports. Love watching it. I love the business of it. I love the politics of it. I love the passion and the emotion that men and women feel when they are truly engaged in it. I think it can be very easy to be discouraged. To not pursue a passion when you are discouraged to not do it because of a lack of background or lineage. I feel that if you love something enough you are going to find your way to it, regardless of which personal or external factors influence your decision making. I don’t have a website yet, but I’m willing to add one. I’m also willing to post my opinions and engage in meaningful conversation about sport. Thank you for setting up this website.

  • Tariq says:

    Growing up I was bullied, no one thought I would make it, mainly because I was a chubby kid who had no friends. Nowadays people envy me for my friendships. This just goes to show, people change and life moves on, let me tell you a bit about my past though

    All my life I looked for my passion, I found that passion in sports. Basketball is more than a game, it’s a lifestyle. I often wonder how different my life would have been if i picked up a ball at a younger age, but what’s done is done. I started playing organized basketball at the age of 19

    First time I tried out for the unversity basketball team I failed, I responded by working hard (2-3 hours daily) until I developed my game. People said it was too late for me to become something, I came back the following year with something to prove, I took pride in achieving what people said I couldn’t and I became a member of the basketball society at the University of Portsmouth. This goes to show that you shouldn’t let negativity break you down, you should emrace it and channel that negative energy into something positive.

    Now (3 years later) people respect me as a basketball player, as an individual and most importantly, as a friend, it is safe to say I have come a long way.

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