Yao Ming Reportedly Looking to Buy Clippers

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It looks like the Los Angeles Clippers will be on the market sooner rather than later, as Donald Sterling has more or less given up on the fight. So, let the bidding begin!

This process will likely get ridiculous, particularly if any of the rumors we’ve been hearing about potential buyers end up being true. Everyone an their mother wants a piece of the team, and the price tag will likely be inflated because of the saturated market of rich people who want to own an NBA team.

One surprising name that could look to make a serious run at buying the team has emerged; former All-Star center of the Houston Rockets, Yao Ming.

It’d be nice to see Yao back in the league in some role, and he would likely be the face of this investment group. I wouldn’t doubt that Yao can put together the group and raise the money without much of a problem, and it would be fun to see him as an owner.

We’ll likely see soon enough whether or not this is real. It’s easy to want a team, but writing the check is the hard part.


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