“You’re Welcome, LeBron” Billboard appears in Akron, Ohio

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(Image via @JeremyinAkron on Twitter)

(Image via @JeremyinAkron on Twitter)

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

After an ad was rejected to appear in Cleveland newspapers featuring Miami’s two rings won with LeBron James, we knew something was going to brew from somewhere. That time has finally come, as a billboard was put up telling James he was welcome for the rings that he helped win in Miami.

It reads “You’re Welcome, LeBron” in the infamous comic sans font – the billboard, which is one of many set to go up, is being paid for by Miami radio star Dan Le Batard – who says it’s all in good clean fun.

“It’s just fun anarchy. All meant in fun — which, of course, will turn into Cleveland people getting filled with rage, poison and irrational hostility and want to use those billboards as a guillotine.” Le Batard told the Miami Herald. “Sports are so great, the more irrational the better. This is a publicity stunt disguised as a movement. Please don’t tell anyone there is no actual movement.”

Miami is the place where James won his first and second rings – the only ones he has to his name. He hopes to bring his legacy home to Cleveland and win many more.

Do you think LBJ can get it done with the Cavs? Let us know in the comments below.


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