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Peyton Manning say his “cerebral part” is the reason for his edge

  • Jason Whitney

Peyton Manning was flattered by a recent comment Jerry Jones made about him

It probably isn’t a huge surprise to hear Peyton Manning credit his cerebral side for the edge he gets. After all, it’s no secret that Manning spends hours of time studying film and his opponents. Manning was speaking with USA Today about a recent comment Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones made about the Denver Broncos quarterback that had him feeling flattered.

Via USA Today:

Peyton Manning read last month that, in NFL circles, his name has become synonymous with work, as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones challenged quarterback Tony Romo to put in “Peyton Manning-type time on the job.”

Manning told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday he was flattered by the idea that he is the NFL standard bearer for how to do the job of an NFL quarterback.

“I guess I would take that as a flattering comment. It’s not really for me to weigh in on what’s going on there [in Dallas],” Manning said. “But I have always thought a quarterback has to put in time on the cerebral side of the game because there’s much more to it that just the physical side of it.”

“I don’t think that I do any more than any quarterback should. I get asked, ‘How much film do you watch?’ I’ve never logged hours. I’ve always watched enough to get myself ready to play,” Manning said. “The cerebral part of the game has always been something where I had to get my edge. I really study the opponent, study myself, study my own players, my own routes.”


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