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PHOTO: Epic tribute to LeBron’s homecoming, wedding style

  • Andy Flint

Ever think of having an epic wedding photo with your groomsmen? I’m sure you have (if you’re a guy), but you may want to think a bit harder if you plan to top this beauty.

Nick Jones did his best powder toss, as his eight groomsmen all donned various LeBron James’ (no Heat) jerseys for what has to be the best sports-related wedding photo of all time.


Photo Credit: Jarred Wagner/Inlux Photo

Here’s the scoop, courtesy of Fox Sports:

Nick Jones and Christa Deckard set their wedding date for July 12, 2014, they had no idea it would follow in the direct aftermath of what will likely go down as one of Cleveland’s biggest sports stories ever.

So, what better way to celebrate a glorious life moment than with a photo for the ages, paying tribute to one of Northeast Ohio’s most compelling athletes?

Jarred Wagner of Inlux Photo in Canton was the man behind the lens for the awesome photo, which he said was the groom’s idea and took two takes to nail.

“I quickly collected my jerseys and we got everything rolling,” Jones said, reacting ecstatically when he found out the news of LeBron’s decision Friday. “We pulled the photo off even better than I could expect.”

I dare you, anyone out there reading, to try and top this crazy photo. Just crazy! I’m sure even LeBron, himself, is super impressed with this display. The crazy lengths fans will go to to honor their favorite players and teams. Kudos to these guys on the best wedding photo of all-time. I hope their marriage is long and fruitful!

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