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PHOTO: Fans show appreciation for RG3

  • Stephen Kettner

On Sunday afternoon Washington Redsksins quarterback, Robert Griffin III, tweeted a picture of him leaning on empty boxes. Those empty boxes contained gifts bought by Washington Redskins fans and sent to Griffin and his fiance from their Bed Bath and Beyond gift registry.

Of course some people did rain on the parade of Griffin’s thanks to the fans. Let’s be honest, people are genuinely nicer when happy. The Washington DC area and Washington Redskins fan base couldn’t be happier at this moment. I don’t think anyone held a gun to these people’s head to buy Griffin and his bride to be any gifts. It is a way to show appreciation.


Washington Redskins fans are known for buying things for their star players. In 1947, Washington Redskins fans bought then quarterback Sammy Baugh a brand new burgundy station wagon. Baugh went on to set a then (and still) franchise record 6 touchdown passes. Granted the players made a ton less those days, Redskins fans love their players and will do almost anything for the stars.



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