Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson reacts to Jimmy Graham deal

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One day after New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham became the highest paid at his position, Patrick Peterson felt the need to congratulate him. He did so in a imperceptible manor.

Graham’s contract gives him 4 more years’ worth $40 million,  with just a little over $20 million in guaranteed money, which is far more than what a tight end will usually get paid under the franchise tag.

The Arizona Cardinals 3-time pro bowl cornerback Peterson is due for a contract extension as well. He does have two more years on his current deal, but seeing as how he has proven himself in the league as a dominant NFL cover man, he clearly would like to be compensated for it.  Also Seeing as how Seattle corner Richard Sherman, and Joe Hayden of Cleveland received their new deals this off-season, Peterson just believes it is his turn to get paid.

Although Peterson is deserving of a new deal, and he will get it, the Cardinals do not have to rush anything. They already picked up his fifth year option on a four-year deal, hence the two more years, so clearly there is now rush, however the Cardinals front office may be inclined to pay him sooner rather than later considering  the competition with the afar mentioned Sherman and Hayden among other’s. They would also make their star corner happy by locking him up long term now rather than later and prevent any potential form of disgruntlement by Peterson in the near future.

In an article by Adam Green of Arizona Sports, Peterson said he is not worried about a new deal just yet, he just wants to play football, and will let the higher ups handle it when the time is right.

“My plan is just to continue playing football at a high level,” Peterson said. “Because at the end of the day it will come. I have two more years left on my deal. I just want to continue playing lights-out football. At the end of the day, once I earn it — I won’t say it will be a relief, but it will be a joy to know that it’s time to be recognized.

“I just want to continue playing at a high level, and once that day comes I’ll be ready for it. I believe I’ve done enough work to earn that.”

Peterson has definitely seemed to handle the situation with class and patience, but the demeanor of this recent text to the Saints tight end suggests he may be getting a little antsy with the subject. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the above commentary was made by Peterson before Sherman and Hayden were paid, so the not so subtle tweet may come as no surprise.

My guess is Peterson will receive an extension at some point this season, whether it  is at some point during the preseason or regular season. Perhaps even based on his performance this season, and it the Cardinals make the playoffs. Or perhaps he’ll have to wait until next off-season in the midst of teammate Larry Fitzgerald‘s contract.  Nonetheless, it will happen. It is only a matter of time before P2 Nation gets what he deserves.

Phoenix Sport-Kings Co-Lead Columnist Jason Mulkey @_JayBird79

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