Arizona Cardinals to include Kurt Warner in the Ring of Honor at University of Phoenix Stadium

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The Arizona Cardinals have officially announced that Kurt Warner’s name will be placed into the Ring of Honor at University of Phoenix Stadium. Team President Michael Bidwill had the former Cardinals QB and current NFL Network analysts sit with him in a press conference on Wednesday to make the big announcement.

The future Hall of Famer is certainly worthy of the prestigious honor, after all he guided the Cardinals through one of the most historic playoff runs ever in team/league history, not to mention leading them to their first ever Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl 43 in team history. Oh, and there was that Greatest Show on Turf thing with the St. Louis Rams were he led them to two Super Bowl appearances in a 3-year span while winning one.

What is next for Warner? Could it be the Hall of Fame Induction? The inspiring quarterback could be a first ballot Hall of Famer as a matter of fact. It is highly likely considering such a remarkable career in the NFL. For what he did by digging two different NFL franchises out of the gutter and into the limelight in such a short amount of time, one would think it is a given.

The only question that remains is which team Warner will represent when he does indeed make it to Canton Ohio. Warner said he would not go in if he could not get in without both parts. Both of these teams equally share something special to Warner as he mentioned that he was able to bring two organizations to somewhere they never been before. Sure Warner led the Rams to a Super Bowl on two different occasions, but for what he has done and the man he has become after everybody thought he was done, for the Cardinals it paid off, as he would again reemerge as one of the best this sport has ever seen. It is for those reasons of all he did for this franchise that Warner’s fantastic legacy would be enshrined forever as a Cardinal regardless if he makes it into the Hall of Fame or not.

Never the less, Warner’s name will be up amongst all of these other 13 names (11 of which are in the Hall of Fame below) that currently hang proudly in honor of representing the long time Cardinal Alumni.


Charles W. Bidwill Owner 1933-1947 Hall of Fame 1967

Ernie Nevers Fullback 1929-1931 Hall of Fame 1963

 Jimmy Conzelman Coach 1946-1948 Hall of Fame 1964

John “Paddy” Driscoll Quarterback 1920-1925 Hall of Fame 1965

Charley Trippi Running Back 1947-1955 Hall of Fame 1965

Ollie Matson Running Back 1952, 1954-58 Hall of Fame 1972

Dick “Night Train” Lane Cornerback 1954-1959 Hall of Fame 1974

Marshall Goldberg Running Back 1939-1948

Dan Dierdorf Tackle 1971-1983 Hall of Fame 1996

Pat Tillman Safety 1998-2001

Larry Wilson Safety 1960-1972 Hall of Fame 1978

Roger Wehrli Cornerback 1969-1982 Hall of Fame 2007

Aeneas Williams Cornerback 1991-2000 Hall of Fame 2014

The 14th name (Kurt Warner) to be added to the Ring of Honor will be unveiled at half time of the 2014 home opener on Monday Night Football against the San Diego Chargers.

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