Bill Polian Rips Selection of Virginia Tech Quarterback Logan Thomas

  • Cody Milford

The selection of Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas in the 4th round by the Arizona Cardinals has been met with some mixed reviews by a lot of analysts, but Bill Polian has some very negative words for the rookie QB. The former general manager offered his opinion on the selection, saying he sees nothing on tape suggesting that Logan Thomas will amount to anything at the quarterback position in the NFL.

While Thomas will not exactly blow the minds of whoever watches him on tape, he was drafted for his physical skill set and potential rather than what kind of player he is currently.  Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians and offensive assistant Tom Moore are both regarded as two of the best quarterback minds in the NFL, and had the opportunity to work out Logan Thomas and analyze him much more closely than Bill Polian did. Mix that in with the fact that Bill Polian’s career was made by selecting Peyton Manning first overall and little else, and his opinion should be taken with a grain of salt compared to that of Arians/Moore. Whether Logan Thomas will amount to anything in the NFL remains to be seen, but if he impressed Bruce Arians and Tom Moore enough to draft him, he is at least worth a chance to prove himself.

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