Bruce Arians: ‘Cardinals won’t over-analyze draft prospects’

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With the NFL Draft a week away, Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has admitted that he and his staff have been ready to pick for a week now.  The old format of the draft happened in the final week of April.  The NFL changed it so that it now falls in the second week of May.

According to Arians, the staff is making a conscious effort not to over analyze the prospects in the final two weeks before the event starts.

“These next two weeks you can actually have your board set and try to go back and change it just because you overwork the process,” Arians said. “I know [Cardinals general manager] Steve [Keim] and our crew does a great job so that’s not going to be a problem.”

With an extra two weeks to prepare, the urge to continue watching film and do more analysis is hard to resist.  After the success of Arians’ first draft in 2013, the pressure is on the Cardinals to make the right picks is high.

“You have a grade on a guy, you go back and watch him … you try to find out some more stuff, pretty soon there won’t be anybody worth drafting,” Arians said. “You won’t like anybody.”

Over-analyzing is something the Cardinals want to avoid.  The last thing they want is to reset their draft boards because they found a small flaw in a players game.  That could have drastic effects down the road.

The Cardinals have the 20th overall pick in the draft and the choice of potential picks range from Fresno State’s Derek Carr to Auburn’s Dee Ford according to many mock drafts.

Arians does have a philosophy for drafting however, and it’s pretty simple.

“Fall in love with him and take them.”


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