Cardinals linebacker Lorenzo Alexander believes Redskins need a name change

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Arizona Cardinals linebacker Lorenzo Alexander spent the first six seasons of his NFL career as a member of the Washington Redskins after going undrafted in 2005 out of Cal. He spent a season and a half on various practice squads before getting his first on-field NFL experience in 2007 and even garnered a start later that season. He even played various positions that season including special teams, defensive tackle, offensive guard and even tight end.

His progression along the years took place in Washington D.C. as a Redskin, earning a Pro Bowl and an organizational player of the year award. Fast forward to 2014 and Alexander is entering his second season with the Cardinals, witnessing the anti-Redskins dispute unfold just as the rest of us are. Many are engaging in the heated controversy, and many believe the name should be changed, including Alexander.

On Wednesday Alexander was a guest with Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM and discussed his take on the controversy that is the Washington Redskins. He alluded that it is a sticky situation for everyone involved and even defended Skins owner Daniel Snyder to a degree.

Obviously, it’s up to Mr. Snyder whether he wants to do that. He did pay a lot of money for that name and what all that brings to it — the culture and the heritage of it.

There is much more complexity and depth to the situation than many believe or understand since it is so complicated. In the mind of the former Redskins linebacker there is nothing overt about the usage of the name. His approach to the subject was very insightful as he understands the scenario from both sides but still believes that the name change is necessary.

The intent is not for it to be disrespectful at all or for it to be demeaning. The guys that put the uniform on out there aren’t trying to badmouth Native Americans or anything of that sort, nor are the fans, but at the same time, once you’re educated about what the word means, out of respect, I think it does need to be changed.

It seems as if Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is garnering negativity seeing as how he will do everything in his power to retain the team name. Yet, Alexander told Bickley and Marotta how much Mr. Snyder has done for him personally.

Personally, he did a lot for me. Two years ago, my mother-in-law passed away. He put me and my wife on a jet to go out to the funeral and brought us back and did everything as far as supporting us. I got nothing but love and respect for a man like that.

The Cardinals will host the Redskins on October 12 at University of Phoenix Stadium.

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