Cardinals Re-sign Key Free Agent Ta’amu

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Cardinals Retain Needed Depth At Nose Tackle

#66, Ta’amu rushing Drew Brees (Credit:

The Cardinals continue to stay active in Free Agency by retaining key free agent depth at nose tackle.

The 6’3, 348 lb. Ta’amu was originally a fourth round draft pick by the Steelers in the 2012 NFL Draft. Ta’amu was released by the Steelers in August 2013 after failing to make their 53-man roster and Arizona was awarded a waiver claim on him.

This past season, Ta’amu had seven total tackles with 3 stuffs on the season, but played a very important role as a two-gap nose tackle, freeing up inside-linebackers Daryl Washington and Karlos Dansby to rush the quarterback and also providing depth behind entrenched NT starter Dan Williams.

Ta’amu tore his ACL during the Cardinals’ home game against the San Francisco 49ers, and his expected recovery time is unknown, but his play made it clear Arizona should want to keep him long-term and they have done exactly that.  He will probably see playing time somewhere in the middle of the upcoming 2014 season.

Per Pro Football Talk, Ta’amu will be a restricted free agent next offseason, and will be unrestricted following the 2015 season.

Finally, a fun fact about Ta’amu from Cardinals Media Relations guru @CardsMarkD:

I bet Ta’amu’s glad he wasn’t born in Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky.

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