Cardinals Reported To Use Fifth-Year Option On Patrick Peterson

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It’s no secret that the Arizona Cardinals want to keep Pro Bowl CB Patrick Peterson long-term.  The question that’s been facing the team all off-season is how they will be able to with the team with such little cap space.

Now, it appears as though Cards GM Steve Keim has bought himself a little bit of extra time for negotiations on an extension.

With the new NFL collective-bargaining agreement, players signed four-year contracts with a team option for a fifth year.  Per, for this fifth year for rookie players, it works the same as a transition tag and fully guarantees that the player in question receives the average of the top ten players at his position.  For Patrick Peterson, the amount averages out to around $10 million or so, per Somers.

What’s more, this option doesn’t mean that Patrick Peterson can not be franchised in 2016, in fact, Arizona could put the tag on him that year if a long-term agreement is still not reached.  Due to the cheapness of the deal, other teams have made similar announcements and it’s expected that most teams will exercise this option for top players in their 2011 draft class, which was the first class to have these rules under the new collective-bargaining agreement.

All in all, Cardinals fans can look forward to seeing one of their brightest young stars in their secondary for the next few years to come.  Time will tell if Peterson will stay long-term with Arizona.

Phoenix Sports-Kings Contributor Blake Murphy, @blakemurphy7

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