Darnell Dockett Buys Another Alligator

  • Cody Milford

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett sure knows how to spend an offseason. Whereas some players take trips around the world, get arrested for acts of stupidity, help out their communities, or eat their way out of their jobs, Dockett prefers the simpler things in life. Simple things like buying dangerous wild animals and keeping them as pets.

Yes, Dockett has again made news for claiming to purchase a vicious animal, yet another alligator that will grow to be over 500 pounds. The gator’s name is “Honey”, and according to Dockett he “can’t wait” until it grows out of its cute and cuddly stage and becomes a real challenge for the big man.

Of course, we’re taking Dockett at his word here, as he has claimed to have purchased a variety of animals he would likely be arrested for owning. Either way, his affinity for animals even scarier than him is reaching new heights.

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