Darnell Dockett: Karlos Dansby ‘chased the money’

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Photo credit: thenewsportsguru.com

Photo credit: thenewsportsguru.com

For the second time, Karlos Dansby has left the Arizona Cardinals via free agency and received a bigger paycheck somewhere else.

And Darnell Dockett says that a bigger paycheck was the only thing that mattered to Dansby.

“He chased the money,” the Cardinals veteran defensive lineman said Thursday. “I’ve got a lot of respect for our guy that left, I love him like a brother. But we were one or two pieces away from really making  a lot of noise.”

Dansby left the Cardinals for a $24 million deal with $14 guaranteed with the Cleveland Browns. No doubt a hefty price for a 32-year-old linebacker. But after coming off of a career season in which he racket up 122 tackles, 6.5 sacks and four interceptions and being an integral part of one of the best defenses in the NFL, it’s understandable how Dansby was able to get such a contract.

“I personally feel like he chased the money versus chasing a ring,” Dockett said. “No knock towards Cleveland — don’t want people to try to think I’m saying Cleveland doesn’t have a chance, everybody has a chance — but I felt like it was made for him to be here.”

The Cardinals’ second round pick from 2013, Kevin Minter, will be the man that takes Dansby’s spot on the Cards defense. But as of right now, Minter is a bit of an unknown commodity, so being able to get Dansby back would have been ideal.

“But again, the financial part is totally different — I don’t know anything about that,” Dockett said. “But when you look at everything we’ve done this year; the sacrifices our defensive line made for that certain individual to make his plays and go into a game not being selfish. Our defensive line didn’t care about sacks and tackles. We come in to do a job, to hold guys off our linebackers so we can be the number one defense.

“I just think that opportunity was to be right here, to really get to the playoffs and make a run for it.”

While Dockett does have a point, this being the second time in four years that Karlos Dansby has left a 10-win Cardinals team to join a team coming off of a losing record, it’s hard to fault a man for trying to get himself more money. Still, there is no doubt that Dansby would have been an important part to have back on the Cardinals elite defense.


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