Darnell Dockett says workouts are a must

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Photo credit: thenewsportsguru.com

Photo credit: thenewsportsguru.com

Darnell Dockett has found a new role within the Arizona Cardinals.  That of a leader.

During organized team workouts on Thursday, Dockett spoke to reporters about how it was important to gel as a team and create chemistry during these workouts.

“My biggest concern is having everybody here, in the off-season, to show the commitment,” Dockett said. “That’s how you build championship teams, and right now, that’s my job here, to make sure everybody is going in the right direction.”

In the past, Dockett usually didn’t bother with attending the workouts at the teams’ facility in Tempe, preferring to do them alone.  Now 33-years old, Dockett admits that not turning up to voluntary workouts   When reminded that he usually didn’t attend, Dockett made a comment to losing.

“And we lost. We were 3-13, 6-10, we were 3-13 again. I realized over the years that you have to bond with your guys in the off-season. It’s very important.”

The change in Dockett’s mentality could be attributed to the fact he’s tired of losing.  The Cardinals have had only three winning seasons since Dockett was drafted in 2004 – 2008, 2009, and 2013.  He’s also matured as well as declined considerably on the field.


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