Feely frustrated with preseason Extra Point change

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Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely voiced his displeasure regarding the  NFL’s experiment with extra points. Extra points will now be spotted at the 15-yard line and will turn into 32-yard attempts after touchdown scores.  Following this trial run, the NFL will take a look at the overall statistics to determine whether a permanent move is necessary for  next year. The change will go into effect  during the first two preseason games.  Feely, however, believes this  proposed change is moving the league in the wrong direction. He believes this  move could soon result in increased player injuries to defensemen who rush the kicker.

“You really aren’t rushing that hard, so you don’t have guys that get injured that much on an extra point,” he said. “Move it back to the 15-yard line, and you’re going to rush a lot harder.”

“A lot of the offensive linemen are going to be put in precarious situations. There’s going to be a lot more injuries, so you’re creating 70 more plays with no tangible benefit.”

NFL official Bill Vinovich argues that all extra points  have become far too automatic for kickers from such a short distance. He claims that it  creates less enthusiasm for fans to pay attention, because the kicker is unlikely to miss. The play has basically become irrelevant.

Feely wasn’t even sure of  the last time he actually missed an extra point! In his entire career, he has only ever missed two. His last miss came in 2003, during his tenure with the Atlanta Falcons.  It’s fairly easy to see both sides of the argument, but in the end it’s ultimately the NFL’s decision as to where they go with the rule moving forward.


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