Fitzgerald, Floyd ranked as the eighth best WR tandem says

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Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

During the off-season, it’s common for sports writers to draw up lists of best this and worst that because there is often not a great deal to write about.  The post Super Bowl blues turn into a quick, two-week frenzy when free agency opens.  After that there’s nothing until the NFL Draft, which in 2014, has been moved to May.  So that’s an extra four weeks of not much to do until training camps open in July and the real business starts.

It’s no different on where Chris Wesseling has been busy drawing up a list of the top ten wide receiver tandems in the NFL.  Arizona Cardinals fans will be annoyed to learn that the teams best two receivers are ranked in eighth place.

Said Wesseling on Fitzgerald-Floyd:

Even if we give Fitzgerald a pass for playing through a pair of hamstring injuries last season, he hasn’t been an elite playmaker since 2011. That doesn’t mean he can’t recapture that form again, but he has to show it on the field. Floyd cleared 90 yards in four of the final six games en route to a quiet 1,000-yard season. Still improving, Floyd is a fine second fiddle and emerging deep threat.

Maybe I am a ‘homer’ but Fitzgerald and Floyd are better than eighth.  Several of the tandems Wessling lists above the Cardinals’ Own haven;t even played a down with their new teams after being acquired in free agency.

For example, Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate of the Lions are ranked third.  Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson of the Redskins are ranked fifth.  Neither Jackson nor Tate have played for the Redskins or Lions yet.  Tate wasn’t even that good in Seattle with the Seahawks.

Wes Welker and Demaryius Thomas are ranked seventh after they just helped Peyton Manning to break two major passing records.  Julio Jones and Roddy White of the falcons are ranked second despite the fact that Jones was injured early on in the season and went to injured-reserve, and White missed a good cunk of the season with injury.

Fitzgerald had nearly 1,000 yards despite not having a single 100-yard receiving game in 2013.  He recorded ten touchdowns.  Michael Floyd had 1, 041 yards and five touchdowns.  In my eye, Fitzgerald and Floyd are top five at least.

I’m sorry Chris, but you didn’t put much thought into your list.   Speed isn’t everything.

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